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Easy Task Management

Gantto reproduces the experience of sketching a project plan on a whiteboard, but using your computer so your projects are easy to modify and share with your team.

Real Time Collaboration

With Gantto multiple people can view and make changes to a project at the same time while communicating through an on-screen chat window.

Manage Resources

Visualize and manage how your team members are allocated over time using Gantto’s Resource Management view.

Flexible Work Calendar

A 40 hour work calendar doesn’t quite cut it for you? Gantto’s Work Calendar view lets you customize your project’s work hours and work days.

Secure and Backed Up

Gantto uses the latest in encryption technology to ensure that your projects are secure. Projects are backed up regularly to ensure that no data is ever lost.

Present Your Project

Gantto’s presentation mode and high-resolution graphics look great on a big screen. Look your best presenting your status update.


Gantto runs on Windows and Macintosh in any Browser. No software installation required.

Simple Workflow

Learn how to build a Gantt Chart in less than 2 minutes.