About Gantto

Gantto was conceived to fill one obvious gap in our weekly management routine. Each week we would collect status information based upon what was really happening inside the organization and then update our project models to reflect and digest the changes. Then we would spend tedious hours manually creating presentations based upon the same underlying project data that we had already updated. Why couldn’t we use the same tool to both build the project model and communicate to our teams? We never found a good solution, so we set out to create our own. Gantto is a play on words on gantt chart – the most commonly used visual representation of project schedules. Gantt charts take their name after Henry Gantt, who popularized them in 1910. In reality they were originally conceived by Karol Adamiecki, a Polish economist / engineer who invented them in 1896 and named them harmonograf.


Chris Carlson

Chris studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science while building hybrid electric cars for his undergraduate degree at UC Davis until graduating in 1998. He then went on to study electro-mechanical systems for his MS and PhD from Stanford University graduating in 2003. After school Chris joined Hansen Medical as an individual contributor in 2004 and helped design and build the Sensei, a robotic platform for flexible robotics used to treat complex arrhythmias of the heart. During his time there he became a student of management practice, eventually serving as the VP of Engineering until he left in 2010 to found Gantto.

Federico Barbagli

Fed studied Computer Science at the University of Bologna and then at the Scuola Superiore S. Anna for a Phd in robotics. After a few years in academia split between Italy and Stanford University, he joined Hansen Medical. There he wrote a large chunk of the visualization and high level robotic algorithms that allow doctors to drive robotic catheters inside patients’ hearts. Over time he shifted his attention towards managing projects and people. In 2009 fed became Hansen Medical’s Chief Technology Officer until 2010 when he left to found Gantto.

Companies Using Gantto

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