This week we improved the .pdf export and assignment inspection for our Online Gantt Chart. Both of these features are often requested and we finally made the time to hammer them out.

Improved .pdf Export

The requests here were very reasonable. Until recently our .pdf export was what we called WYSIWYG, we took a snapshot of the chart on the screen and included it into a .pdf. This worked ok for smaller schedules, but for more sophisticated schedules, our customers wanted:
  • To print areas not visible on the screen
  • Selectable time ranges
  • Multi-page tiling to allow the construction of a larger schedule than paper size
  • pdf options menu Improved PDF Export and Assignment Inspection pdf size options Improved PDF Export and Assignment Inspection
    To be honest, we also had multiple requests for vector output into our .pdfs. We looked into it and for now have deferred that battle to another day.

    Improved Assignment Inspection

    Another request we had was from one of our more sophisticated users. They had multiple summaries with different names, but the same steps for each group of tasks. On the task chart this looked fine, but under the resource manager it became difficult to tell which summary an assignment belonged to. To facilitate this we created an assignment inspector. Hovering the mouse over any assignment reveals more detailed information, including the group the assignment belongs to (or chain of groups, if the task is deeply nested.) assignment parent Improved PDF Export and Assignment Inspection

    We Want Feedback!

    What do you think about our new features? Did we miss the point entirely? Are you one step closer to happiness? Please let us know:

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