We now export Gantto projects to MS Excel. All you need to do is select “Export to Excel” under the cloud menu and pick a save location on your local machine. export to xls2 How do I Export to Excel? The saved file records nearly all of the manually entered data to a spreadsheet. gantto excel How do I Export to Excel? We are not recording dependency/constraint information because it is not particularly meaningful in a spreadsheet and we are forced to limit the lengths of the notes we can record to 256 characters because of how we are interfacing with the Excel format. Our .gxml format is also quite human readable in Notepad or MS Word. Although it is not as easily read by Excel, it preserves all of the information needed to completely reconstruct the project. We are grateful to the users who have taken the time to request this feature. We are happy to take other feature requests, just drop us a note at support@gantto.com. -Chris.

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