Creating a PDF is easy, just get the project looking the way you want it on the screen: gantto full demo project Export Gantt Chart to PDF And then click the Cloud->Export to PDF button print to pdf menu2 Export Gantt Chart to PDF We ask you your paper size preferences and ask if you would like to add a title: gantto pdf options Export Gantt Chart to PDF It turns out that Adobe Flex applications are really particular about saving things to your local machine without a “direct user action,” so after we are done creating the .pdf, we ask you to save it to open your filesystem dialog menu: gantto pdf confirm menu Export Gantt Chart to PDF There are now four different ways to share your gantt chart with Gantto: 1. Share your project by mailing a permalink 2. Present your project on the big screen 3. Take a screen shot using the snapshot tool 4. Print the current view to a PDF file

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