A big part of managing a team is keeping everyone up to speed. There are lots of way to do that, but we are visual people and we rely heavily on graphics. We have always wanted scheduling software that presents at least as well at it models. To that end we have built Gantto with the ability to scale the graphics to match the conversation. For instance we support rolling the schedule up and preparing it for presentation on a big screen or as a summary in a report: zoomed presentaion Gantt Chart Zoom and Zoom Undo/Redo From this image it is easy to see that we are pretty much half way through the project, roughly on time and we have a major milestone coming up in about a week. This is all that most executives will ever want to know about a project… We have a number of tools designed to help you get exactly the correct view: zoom tools Gantt Chart Zoom and Zoom Undo/Redo
  1. Fit all horizontal
  2. Fit all vertical
  3. Fit all
  4. Marquee zoom
  5. Time window slider
  6. Font size picker
  7. Scroll
  8. Pan
Using our Zoom Undo and Redo features it is easy to revert any changes you have made to your schedule time window or font size if you don’t like them.

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