gantto resourcechart end 600x222 Resource Manager
Use Case
We are looking to serve a few related use cases with this new capability:
  1. How can you quickly display what each individual of your team is working on at any one time?
  2. How can you quickly see which resources are scheduled over or under capacity?
    1. Once you have them identified, how can you easily make adjustments to the plan (hint: drag and drop)
Resource Manager Allocation Example
Lets start off with a simple schedule like the one below. Here Chris and Fed are working on two features, the Resource Manager and the Work Calendar: gantto taskchart start 600x344 Resource Manager This schedule looks simple enough, but what is not clear is that is actually has both Chris and Fed over allocated by 100%. To see this, we click View-> Resources and get this view: gantto resourcechart start 600x223 Resource Manager This view shows the tasks organized by the resources who are responsible for them. Here it is clear that both Chris and Fed have a number of tasks which overlap each other (i.e., they are doing two things at once.) Now that we have this insight, it is easy to return to the View->Data view and slide the summary for the Work Calendar over one week like this: gantto taskchart end 600x344 Resource Manager And the resulting resource chart looks like this: gantto resourcechart end 600x222 Resource Manager And now Chris and Fed are no longer over-allocated. If life were only that simple icon smile Resource Manager As a consequence of solving the overallocation problem, the release of the Work Calendar is pushed out one week. The Gantt Chart and the Resource Chart help to motivate why that is. It is up to you to communicate that effectively to the stakeholders.
Resource Manager Add New Resource Example
It is also possible to add new resources in the resource view. Just click “Add New Resource” gantto resourcechart add 600x295 Resource Manager You have the option to list the full name as well as nicknames for each resource. (This makes rendering the resources on the views more compact and less cluttering.) And now that we have this new wonderful QA resource, we can simple drag the testing tasks from Chris’ list to theirs: gantto resourcechart drag 600x282 Resource Manager And then we can drop the assignment into QA’s list: gantto resourcechart drop 600x282 Resource Manager
Add Resources in Spreadsheet Mode
On a related note, if you work with a lot of resource allocation you should definitely check out our full spreadsheet view for your Gantt Charts. It makes it really easy to go down the list and add resources to each task: gantto taskchart spreadsheet 600x283 Resource Manager

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