Gantto now supports Google Single Sign On for our Online Gantt Chart. I had been putting this off for way too long since Flash makes it somewhat of a pain to implement well, but I got three requests for it, from three different users, on the same day and that put me over the edge. I now login with Google almost exclusively and love it. login google sso Google Single Sign On All we request from you when logging in with Google is your name and email. We need your email to identify your account and we appreciate having your name so that we may adress you properly. Existing google accounts should also login seamlessly. Please let me know if you have any problems when signed in via Google.

Google Single Sign On – Login

login google sso Google Single Sign On Logging in is now as simple as clicking a button. It really is amazing that SSO has not been adopted more widely.

Google Single Sign On – Signup

signup google sso Google Single Sign On Signing up with your Google account is much more straight forward than with manual data entry. The SSO provider validates your email, so there is no need for a email-validation loop check.

Single Sign On for a Flash Application

Flash applications make SSO difficult by not allowing native windows to display web pages and their redirected parameters. They do this by design, Air applications for instance have no such restriction. It is possible to work around though, it is just a bit more annoying to do so. If you would like me to write more about the implementation, please let me know : I don’t want to get sidetracked writing it up unless I am sure someone is interested icon smile Google Single Sign On

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