Gantto now produces a resource loading report for our Online Gantt Chart. robot resource loading FTE 600x460 Project Resource Loading Report

Project Resource Loading

Resource loading is another great way to think about and describe your project. By understanding your resource loading requirements you can make high level comments like: * Burn Rate – For a lot of jobs the head count is the primary expense, so how you use your resources drives how you will spend down your budget. * Under or Over Allocation – Periods of low activity or high activity can show you where you resources may be sitting idle, or where they may be assigned more than they can accomplish. * Peak Activity Times – Peak activity periods often require more management focus than usual to be on time and successful. This chart shows you were you will need to pay extra close attention to the project to keep it on track. To show off this new feature, I created a simple schedule for building a Robot. You can see this is a pretty typical schedule for a mechatronic system where electrical integrates with mechanical and then software integrates with electro-mechanical. robot project 600x233 Project Resource Loading Report This same schedule with a resource view shows what the man power or Full Time Equivalent (FTE) requirements for the project will be. robot resource loading FTE 600x460 Project Resource Loading Report From this plot we can see that although the peak requirements for the job are 4 FTE, on average the resource loading will be less than that. For complex projects it may not be clear what all of those FTE are working on. To help you with this insight we have created an inspector which breaks down the summary FTE into its individual parts. To see this summary, just mouse over the point on the chart you are interested in. robot resource loading inspector 600x455 Project Resource Loading Report

Customer Feedback

How do you think about Resource loading? What insights are you looking for from your project plans? Do you want us to plot project cost? Project value? Do you wish we did a better job highlighting conflicts or are the Sparklines enough? We want to know! Email me: to share your thoughts on Gantto, project management, or just to start a conversation.

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