Gantto now includes resource loading Sparklines for our Online Gantt Chart to help you understand your project’s resource loading at a glance.


Sparklines are a data-visualization invention of Prof. Edward Tufte and are designed to tap into the pattern matching portion of the brain. We find them extremely helpful for identifying at a glance if any one resource is under or over allocated. spark line example 600x203 Resource Management With Sparklines Empty means not allocated Green means 0-100% allocated Red means allocated > 100% Here is a simple example of a team gantt chart which is over allocated, but it is difficult to see the over allocation from this view. overallocated task chart 600x247 Resource Management With Sparklines However this same project rendered with Gantto’s Resource Manager View clearly shows the over allocation via the red sparklines: overallocated resource chart 600x199 Resource Management With Sparklines So at a glance we can tell that both Fed and Chris are largely over allocated and that we will have to shift one project in time to account for our resource loading. Here is what the new plan looks like with resource loading taken into consideration, Chris’ sparklines are now all green: proper allocation resource chart 600x237 Resource Management With Sparklines The gantt chart clearly reflects how the project deliverables have changed in time: proper allocation task chart 600x295 Resource Management With Sparklines

Customer Feedback

It is great to have so many engaged customers helping us build our product. These new visualizations around resource loading are the direct result of some really inspirational conversations with our customers. We have a huge pipeline of ideas we are working on, please help us pick the best things to build first! Just email me: with your comments or to simply start a conversation.

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